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Celebrating 55 Years of

Rock 'n' Roll in Orange County!!!

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"Absolutely the best Rock 'n' Roll performer around" - Orange County Register

"Great Rock 'n' Roll!" - Brian Beirne "Mr. Rock 'n' Roll"™ KRTH-101 FM

" Rock 'n' Roll entertainer extraordinaire" - Los Angeles Times

"Orange County's King of Rock 'n' Roll" - Oldies-540/1260 AM

"A Great Rock 'n' Roll Piano Player" - Jerry Lee Lewis 

"Rock 'n' Roll King of Orange County" - OC Weekly

"My Greatest Protégé" - Little Richard


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Of His Latest


Click on the Video to the Right,

Filmed at the

Cannery in 1978. Watch All Three Parts.

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Click on the Video to the Right,

Filmed at the

Anaheim Sheraton. Watch All Three Parts.

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